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IoTivity Steering Group

IoTivity is sponsored by the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), but is independent from that organization. All projects under the IoTivity umbrella employ the open-source development model using the Apache 2.0 license. IoTivity aspires to grow an industry open-source community that welcomes broad participation and contributions from everyone to create Smart and Secure IoT systems between devices all the way from the edge to the cloud.

The IoTivity Steering Group (ISG) is the governing body that oversees the IoTivity projects, defines their roadmaps, performs maintenance and collaborates with contributors to incorporate new features. The ISG serves as the interface for the community to initiate discussions of feature requests and other technical or strategic matters. Such correspondences may be directed to the IoTivity mailing list.

The ISG separately coordinates with the OCF Open Source Work Group to establish and maintain IoTivity's compliance with the OCF standard specifications.