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Architecture Overview

The IoTivity architectural goal is to create a new standard by which billions of wired and wireless devices will connect to each other and to the internet. The goal is an extensible and robust architecture that works for smart and thin devices.

The architecture will provide a roadmap for manufacturers and service providers, including:

Common solution
Define a communication and interoperability solution across multiple product markets such as Consumer, Enterprise, Industrial, Automotive,  and Health, and across operating systems, platforms, communication modes, transports and use cases.

Established protocols
Reuse existing and establish new common communication protocols for discovery and connectivity across multiple transports.

Common approaches
Apply common approaches for security and identity.

Defined commonalities
Define common profiles, object models, and developer application programming interfaces (APIs).

Promote device and application interoperability across markets and use cases.

Innovation opportunities
Provide opportunities for innovation and allow for differentiation.

Necessary connectivity
Connect everything from the smallest wearable to the largest smart car.

IoTivity Architecture

The IoTivity framework APIs expose the framework to developers, and are available in several languages and for multiple operating systems. The APIs are based on a resource-based, RESTful architecture model.

The framework operates as middleware across all operating systems and connectivity platforms and has four essential building blocks:

  1. Discovery
    IoTivity discovery supports multiple discovery mechanisms for devices and resources in proximity and remotely.

  2. Data transmission
    IoTivity data transmission supports information exchange and control based on a messaging and streaming model.

  3. Data management
    IoTivity data management supports the collection, storage and analysis of data from various resources.

  4. Device management
    IoTivity device management supports configuration, provisioning and diagnostics of devices.