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IoTivity 1.1.1

Release Date: 
Sunday, July 31, 2016
Release Notes: 

This patch release includes several improvements and patches that close the gap between IoTivity and OIC 1.1.

Please find a detailed release note in the Wiki

** Bug
    * [IOT-963] - Insufficient length of URI field
    * [IOT-964] - A client can get only 400(Bad request) when a server returns OC_EH_ERROR
    * [IOT-981] - PF#5 issue - Handling numbers equally
    * [IOT-1104] - Extra href property in /oic/res
    * [IOT-1112] - Application layer unable to know message id in case of message re-transmission
    * [IOT-1114] - Security Virtual Resource rt does not match v1.1.0 schema
    * [IOT-1120] - oic.r.doxm not included by default in /oic/res
    * [IOT-1121] - IoTivity must be updated to conform to revised PUT/POST usage in Spec
    * [IOT-1122] - [RI] [Observe] Observe in IoTivity is not working the way mentioned in RFC
    * [IOT-1124] - Need to implement GET request handler for oic.r.cred resource
    * [IOT-1125] - Need to implement GET request handler for oic.r.acl resource    
    * [IOT-1129] - Crash - sending empty to oic/sec/cred
    * [IOT-1130] - Rdpayload creation failed when payload size exceed 255 bytes
    * [IOT-1131] - [RI] Resource type(rt) of /oic/res and /oic/p resource should be array type, but currently is string type
    * [IOT-1133] - [RI] If a resource has URI of length in the range 129 bytes to 256 bytes, when a client sends GET/PUT/POST requests to it, the request URI is not valid and server responds with 4.04
    * [IOT-1135] - Bluetooth LE adapter returns CA_STATUS_FAILED when BT is not enabled
    * [IOT-1136] - Move GMainloop to CSDK sample from network monitor[LE/EDR].
    * [IOT-1137] - Fix for Bluetooth LE Server Termination issue
    * [IOT-1138] - Enable OIC_LOG_BUFFER() for tizen
    * [IOT-1139] - Fix for TCP header size field
    * [IOT-1140] - Fix a wrong conditional statement in GetClientCB()
    * [IOT-1141] - Fixed IP connection closing
    * [IOT-1142] - Changed queue destroy logic to delete the remained data in CA
    * [IOT-1143] - Modified the observe cancel logic for CoAP over TCP
    * [IOT-1146] - Modified tcp connection callback parameter type
    * [IOT-1148] - Reorder library link order for connectivity abstraction
    * [IOT-1150] - [RI] [CPP] Unicast Messaging Not Working for CPP API after /oic/sec/doxm resource is made discoverable
    * [IOT-1151] - [CA] IoTivity Blockwise transfer is is sort of broken(And does not follow RFC-7252) when paired with slow response
    * [IOT-1153] - [RI] Payload format of multicast discovery using resource type query does not follow default(linked list interface query) response, rather it follows baseline interface query response
    * [IOT-1154] - unsupported CoAP option is not coming in Application layer
    * [IOT-1155] - Duplicate BLE Connection while CASendRequest is in progress
    * [IOT-1156] - Fixed duplicated logic in getService API
    * [IOT-1158] - Fixed getObserveUsingToken API 
    * [IOT-1159] - [Security] When a POST message is sent, "/oic/sec/doxm" resource responds with both 5.00 and 4.00
    * [IOT-1160] -  Updated and typo-fixed |SHA| API names on tinydtls module
    * [IOT-1170] - /doxm resource should not be observable
    * [IOT-1173] - Security Virtual Resources should expose oic.if.baseline and remove oic.mi.def
    * [IOT-1174] - [RI] dmv value of /oic/d is containning a trailing ',' which should not be there
    * [IOT-1176] - Fixes for credresource
    * [IOT-1177] - "oic.wk.d" was removed from array of device types.
    * [IOT-1178] - Double array was not fetched from CBOR correctly.
    * [IOT-1179] - [RI] [Security] Response of GET request to /oic/sec/doxm resource has problem(no "rt" and "if" property)
    * [IOT-1185] - When Post message is sent for oic/sec/cred, server sent twice responses
    * [IOT-1189] - [Security] /oic/sec/doxm & /oic/sec/pstat Resources should return proper response when a client tries to update their properties
    * [IOT-1195] - [RI] [Observe] Observe Cancellation is causing the client to crash when previous notification has sequence no 1
    * [IOT-1198] -  Change name of dpc to
    * [IOT-1199] - Change OC_EH_RESOURCE_CREATED to OC_EH_CHANGED in the post hanlder of security resources
    * [IOT-1200] - Response CREATED changed to CHANGED
    * [IOT-1201] - Providing rt and if for /oic/sec/cred pstat
    * [IOT-1202] - Broken CK Manager Build

** Improvement
    * [IOT-1100] - API to get/set "icv" and "dmv" values
    * [IOT-1101] - Support for multiple "dmv" values
    * [IOT-1102] - "rt" value in /oic/p is returned as string, it is supposed to be an array
    * [IOT-1103] -  oic.if.ll default interface for /oic/res 
    * [IOT-1144] - Include the TCP port number in UDP multicast discovery messages
    * [IOT-1145] - Network monitoring logic in CAUtil
    * [IOT-1197] - Use the IANA assigned IPv6 multicast addresses for "All OCF Nodes".