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IoTivity 1.2.0

Release Date: 
Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Release Notes: 

This is a feature release of IoTivity. This version contains additional features compared to IoTivity 1.1.x, in addition to numerous bug fixes. This release also contains support for the Windows platform.

Please find a detailed list of all changes in the Wiki:

Important new features:

  • Multi-app support for Bluetooth LE (IOT-1210)
  • Cloud ACL
  • Cloud easy setup (Easy setup for the cloud connector)
  • Cloud-based Security Provisioning
  • Cloud - message queue (IOT-1110)
  • CoAP-HTTP Proxy (IOT-1128)
  • CoAP over TLS (Secured communication for cloud connectivity)
  • Multiple ownership transfer (IOT-1367)
  • MQ, Account Manager and RD Client API
  • Notification service (IOT-1108)
  • UPnP Bridge Functionality [separate download files] (IOT-1123)
  • Windows support (IOT-1118)