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Getting Started FAQ

If you're having issues getting started with IoTivity, these common questions and answers should help.

I'm having issues with curl

  • The IoTivity installer script can be found here.
  • The OTGC installer script can be found here.
  • Both scripts can be copied to a local .sh file and executed if the curl command is failing.
  • Run all scripts as superuser.

I'm building on Windows

I'm not building on Windows or Ubuntu Linux 18, and have generic toolchain issues

  • Try installing Ubuntu Linux 18 or creating an Ubuntu 18 VM using VMWare Workstation (free download for non-commercial use).

Is there an Android client?

  • Yes! The Android version of the OTGC can be installed following these directions.

Is there an Windows client?

  • Yes! Device Spy runs on windows and can be installed following these directions.

  • Device Spy is an Onboarding Tool and generic Client, and interacts with devices on JSON level.

Still no luck?

Ask your question on the IoTivity-dev email reflector.