oc_endpoint_t Struct Reference

the endpoint information More...

#include <oc_endpoint.h>

Data Fields

union oc_endpoint_t::dev_addr addr
union oc_endpoint_t::dev_addr addr_local
size_t device
 device index More...
oc_uuid_t di
 device di More...
transport_flags flags
 the transport flags More...
unsigned interface_index
 interface index (valid intefaces are >0, 0 means no index or error) More...
struct oc_endpoint_tnext
 pointer to the next structure More...
uint8_t priority
 priority More...
ocf_version_t version
 ocf version More...

Detailed Description

the endpoint information

Field Documentation

◆ device

size_t device

device index

◆ di

oc_uuid_t di

device di

◆ flags

the transport flags

◆ interface_index

unsigned interface_index

interface index (valid intefaces are >0, 0 means no index or error)

◆ next

struct oc_endpoint_t* next

pointer to the next structure

◆ priority

uint8_t priority


◆ version

ocf_version_t version

ocf version

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