oc_resource_s Struct Reference

resource structure More...

#include <oc_ri.h>

Data Fields

oc_ace_permissions_t anon_permission_in_rfotm
 permissions for anonymous connection in RFOTM More...
oc_interface_mask_t default_interface
 default interface More...
oc_request_handler_t delete_handler
 callback for DELETE More...
size_t device
 device index More...
uint64_t etag
 entity tag (ETag) for the resource More...
oc_request_handler_t get_handler
 callback for GET More...
oc_properties_cb_t get_properties
 callback for get properties More...
oc_interface_mask_t interfaces
 supported interfaces More...
oc_string_t name
 name of the resource (e.g. "n") More...
struct oc_resource_snext
 next resource More...
uint8_t num_links
 number of links in the collection More...
uint8_t num_observers
 amount of observers More...
uint16_t observe_period_seconds
 observe period in seconds More...
oc_payload_callback_t payload_builder
 callback to build contents of PUSH Notification More...
oc_request_handler_t post_handler
 callback for POST More...
oc_resource_properties_t properties
 properties (as bit mask) More...
oc_request_handler_t put_handler
 callback for PUT More...
oc_properties_cb_t set_properties
 callback for set properties More...
oc_enum_t tag_func_desc
 tag (value) for function description More...
oc_locn_t tag_locn
 tag (value) for location description More...
oc_pos_description_t tag_pos_desc
 tag (value) for position description More...
double tag_pos_rel [3]
 tag relative position [x,y,z] More...
oc_string_array_t types
 "rt" types of the resource More...
oc_string_t uri
 uri of the resource More...

Detailed Description

resource structure

Field Documentation

◆ anon_permission_in_rfotm

oc_ace_permissions_t anon_permission_in_rfotm

permissions for anonymous connection in RFOTM

◆ default_interface

oc_interface_mask_t default_interface

default interface

◆ delete_handler

oc_request_handler_t delete_handler

callback for DELETE

◆ device

size_t device

device index

◆ etag

uint64_t etag

entity tag (ETag) for the resource

◆ get_handler

oc_request_handler_t get_handler

callback for GET

◆ get_properties

oc_properties_cb_t get_properties

callback for get properties

◆ interfaces

oc_interface_mask_t interfaces

supported interfaces

◆ name

name of the resource (e.g. "n")

◆ next

struct oc_resource_s* next

next resource

◆ num_links

uint8_t num_links

number of links in the collection

◆ num_observers

uint8_t num_observers

amount of observers

◆ observe_period_seconds

uint16_t observe_period_seconds

observe period in seconds

◆ payload_builder

oc_payload_callback_t payload_builder

callback to build contents of PUSH Notification

◆ post_handler

oc_request_handler_t post_handler

callback for POST

◆ properties

properties (as bit mask)

◆ put_handler

oc_request_handler_t put_handler

callback for PUT

◆ set_properties

oc_properties_cb_t set_properties

callback for set properties

◆ tag_func_desc

oc_enum_t tag_func_desc

tag (value) for function description

◆ tag_locn

oc_locn_t tag_locn

tag (value) for location description

◆ tag_pos_desc

oc_pos_description_t tag_pos_desc

tag (value) for position description

◆ tag_pos_rel

double tag_pos_rel[3]

tag relative position [x,y,z]

◆ types

"rt" types of the resource

◆ uri

uri of the resource

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