oc_client_cb_t Struct Reference

client callback information More...

#include <oc_client_state.h>

Data Fields

bool discovery
 discovery call More...
oc_endpoint_t endpoint
 endpoint More...
oc_client_handler_t handler
 handler information More...
oc_method_t method
 method used More...
uint16_t mid
 CoAP message identifier. More...
bool multicast
 multicast More...
struct oc_client_cb_tnext
 pointer next callback information More...
int32_t observe_seq
 observe sequence number More...
oc_qos_t qos
 quality of service More...
oc_string_t query
 query parameters More...
uint8_t ref_count
 reference counting on this data block More...
uint8_t separate
 seperate responses More...
bool stop_multicast_receive
 stop receiving multicast More...
oc_clock_time_t timestamp
 creation timestamp More...
uint8_t token [COAP_TOKEN_LEN]
 CoAP token. More...
uint8_t token_len
 CoAP token lenght. More...
oc_string_t uri
 the uri More...
void * user_data
 user data for the callbacks More...

Detailed Description

client callback information

Field Documentation

◆ discovery

bool discovery

discovery call

◆ endpoint

oc_endpoint_t endpoint


◆ handler

handler information

◆ method

oc_method_t method

method used

◆ mid

uint16_t mid

CoAP message identifier.

◆ multicast

bool multicast


◆ next

struct oc_client_cb_t* next

pointer next callback information

◆ observe_seq

int32_t observe_seq

observe sequence number

◆ qos

oc_qos_t qos

quality of service

◆ query

oc_string_t query

query parameters

◆ ref_count

uint8_t ref_count

reference counting on this data block

◆ separate

uint8_t separate

seperate responses

◆ stop_multicast_receive

bool stop_multicast_receive

stop receiving multicast

◆ timestamp

oc_clock_time_t timestamp

creation timestamp

◆ token

uint8_t token[COAP_TOKEN_LEN]

CoAP token.

◆ token_len

uint8_t token_len

CoAP token lenght.

◆ uri

the uri

◆ user_data

void* user_data

user data for the callbacks

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