Getting Started

Getting Started

Follow through these guides to quickly get productive with IoTivity.

The Getting started guide for Device Simulation.

Bring up a simulated OCF Server and control it with an OCF Client. No Specific hardware needed. This guide is written to easily understand what IoTivity is about.

The Getting started with Raspberry Pi

Control components connected to an OCF Server running on a Raspberry Pi board with an OCF Client. This guide requires to have a Raspberry Pi.

The Getting started with Docker

Getting started with containerized Iotivity using docker. Docker instances that can:

  • run a device.
  • build a device using Device Builder

The Getting started with OCF over Thread

Create and operate an OCF running over a Thread meshed network. This guide requires to have a Thread based kit.

Digging Deeper

Next Steps for Development.

Getting Started FAQ

FAQs related to the Getting Started Guides