oc_request_t Struct Reference

request information structure More...

#include <oc_ri.h>

Data Fields

const uint8_t * _payload
 payload of the request More...
size_t _payload_len
 payload size More...
oc_content_format_t accept
 accept header More...
oc_content_format_t content_format
 content format (of the payload in the request) More...
const uint8_t * etag
uint8_t etag_len
oc_method_t method
 method of the request More...
const oc_endpoint_torigin
 origin of the request More...
const char * query
 query (as string) More...
size_t query_len
 query length More...
oc_rep_t * request_payload
 request payload structure More...
 resource structure More...
 pointer to the response More...

Detailed Description

request information structure

Field Documentation

◆ _payload

const uint8_t* _payload

payload of the request

◆ _payload_len

size_t _payload_len

payload size

◆ accept

accept header

◆ content_format

oc_content_format_t content_format

content format (of the payload in the request)

◆ method

oc_method_t method

method of the request

◆ origin

const oc_endpoint_t* origin

origin of the request

◆ query

const char* query

query (as string)

◆ query_len

size_t query_len

query length

◆ request_payload

oc_rep_t* request_payload

request payload structure

◆ resource

oc_resource_t* resource

resource structure

◆ response

oc_response_t* response

pointer to the response

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